Universities for Ukraine Non-Residential Fellowship Program

by Tatyana Deryugina, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and co-founder of Economists for Ukraine, and Megi Maci, Loyola University Chicago and Science for Ukraine U.S. country coordinator

Economists for Ukraine (Econ4UA) and Science for Ukraine (SFU)*, two nonprofit organizations who partnered together to reach their shared goal of helping Ukrainian academics, have developed the Universities for Ukraine (U4U) Non-Residential Fellowship Program. The purpose of this fellowship is to provide financial support to research-active academics who are still in Ukraine, but whose academic careers and progress have been thwarted by the war, which has thrown Ukraine’s higher education system in crisis (you can read more about that here). Therefore, remote fellowships are an instrumental tool to having as many academics as possible remain in academia and maintain their human capital, which will be essential for post-war rebuilding.
There have been only a few efforts to provide remote fellowships (e.g., Indiana University BloomingtonUMass). U4U makes it very easy for a university to provide one by collecting all the applications in this one centralized portal, screening applicants, and suggesting well-qualified fellows that prospective universities can support. For reference, there are several sponsors with 5 x $5,000 fellowships each, and so the pledge U4U is looking for from each sponsor is reasonable, but huge pledges are welcome, of course. Sponsors are free to market their participation as they wish. If you would like to be a sponsor and/or help us spread the word about the U4U fellowship to accrue more applicants, then please check our our website for further information and a link to the application found HERE, respectively. All the information about U4U can also be found HERE as a PDF.

 *ASEEES is a partner of Science for Ukraine.