External Prizes

The listings below announce prizes from other organizations available to scholars specializing in Slavic, Eurasian, and East European studies. ASEEES cannot answer questions about these prizes—please visit the posted link to the sponsor's Web site for more information. For ASEEES-sponsored prizes, see HERE.

If you wish to post a listing to this page, or have any comments or suggestions, please e-mail the Publications Coordinator.

This page will list general announcements of repeating programs only. For one-time programs and specific annual announcements, see the Announcements page in the Members' Site.

Historica Nova Prize for the Best Book in Russian Intellectual History
Contact historianova@academicstudiespress.com for more information
deadline: June 1
Rossica Young Translators Award
"designed to encourage and reward young translators and bring to their attention some of the best contemporary prose."
deadline: March 10
Student Paper Award and Field Research Travel Award
"We invite submissions from all students who will present their paper at 1)  the Annual AAG meeting or 2) a regional geography meeting during the 2015-16 academic year.…An award of $150 will be made to the best undergraduate or graduate student paper submitted.…All student members who submit a paper will receive a one-year free membership in the RCEEE SG."
"The RCEEE-SG Field Research Travel Award is awarded to support student field research or research-related language study. The amount for this year's award is $250.00."
deadline for both: March 15
AATSEEL book prizes
"AATSEEL awards prizes to outstanding publications in the fields of 1) language pedagogy, 2) linguistics, 3) literary and/or cultural scholarship, and 4) translations into English."
deadline: May 1
Iris Molotsky Award for Excellence in Coverage of Higher Education
"given for outstanding coverage of higher education exhibiting analytical and investigative reporting."
deadline: April 15
Post Secondary Russian Scholar Laureate Award
"recognizes outstanding students who are studying Russian at the college/university level"
For questions and nomination instructions contact as2157@columbia.edu
deadline: Spring
Jordan Schnitzer Book Awards
Prizes awarded in "Cultural Studies and Media Studies" and "Philosophy and Jewish Thought" to books published in the last three years.
deadline: late June
Graduate Essay Prize
"a chapter or article-length essay on any topic in any field or area of Slavic/East European/Central Asian Studies written by a woman, or on a topic in Slavic/East European/Central Asian Women's/Gender Studies written by a woman or a man"
deadline: September 1
Graduate Research Prize
"awarded biennially to fund promising graduate level research in any field of Slavic/East European/Central Asian studies by a woman or on a topic in Women's or Gender Studies related to Slavic Studies/East Europe/Central Asia by either a woman or a man"
deadline: September 1 (odd-numbered years only)
Heldt Prizes
deadline: May 15
  • Best book in Slavic/Eastern European/Eurasian women's studies
  • Best article in Slavic/Eastern European/Eurasian women's studies
  • Best book by a woman in any area of Slavic/East European/Eurasian studies
  • Best translation in Slavic/Eastern European/Eurasian women's studies (odd-numbered years only)
Outstanding Achievement Award
"recognizes the work of a scholar in the field of Slavic Studies, who has also served as a mentor to female students/colleagues in this field"
deadline: September 15
The Alec Nove Prize in Russian, Soviet and Post-Soviet Studies
"for scholarly work of high quality in Russian, Soviet and post-Soviet studies"
deadline: September 15
The George Blazyca Prize in East European Studies
"for scholarly work of high quality in East European studies. This is taken to include those countries of Eastern Europe that were formerly under communist rule that were not part of the Soviet Union"
deadline: September 15
Center for Austrian Studies Book and Dissertation Prizes
"biennial competitions to encourage North American doctoral candidates and scholars in the full range of academic disciplines to do research in the field of Austrian and Habsburg studies."
deadline: April 1 (even-numbered years only)
First Article Prizes
"will honor the writers of the best first articles on European studies published within a two-year period."
deadline: TBA (even-numbered years only)
First Book Awards
"honor the best first book on any subject in European Studies published within a two-year period"
deadline: TBA (even-numbered years only)
Early Slavic Studies Association Book and Article Prizes
The annual ESSA Book Prize, for "a monograph on any aspect of pre-eighteenth century Slavic studies published" in the last two years, and the ESSA Article Prize are awarded at the annual ESSA meeting at the ASEEES convention, and the winners are announced in the Newsletter. Please see ESSA website for details (https://earlyslavicstudies.org/)
Michael Henry Heim Translation Prize (PDF)
"awarded for the first time in 2014, and annually thereafter, for the best collegial translation of a journal article from an East European language into English"
Deadline: September 1
Marc Raeff Book Prize
"awarded annually for a publication that is of exceptional merit and lasting significance for understanding Imperial Russia, particularly during the long eighteenth-century"
Deadline: July 15
Forum Essay Prize
"a means of encouraging and rewarding the very best scholarship from any of the areas of study represented by the journal"—"all aspects of literary and linguistic studies, from the Middle Ages to the present day."
deadline: April 4
Nathan Reingold Prize
"recognizes an original and unpublished article on the history of science and its cultural influences written by a graduate student"
deadline: June 1
Conquest Prize for Contribution to Holodomor Studies
"awarded on a biennial basis to the author of an outstanding article that contributes to a fuller understanding of the Holodomor."
deadline: September 30
The IRH awards some 40-45 stipendary and non-stipendary fellowships to internal and external applicants each year. The College of Letters & Science and generous gifts to the Institute fund these fellowships, which are open to applicants in any discipline or field whose project has clear significance for the humanities. Most IRH fellowships are not limited by theme or research area, with the exception of:
Solmsen Fellowship for projects on pre-1700 Europe
Kingdon Fellowship on Judeo-Christian religious traditions
Biruté Ciplijauskaité Fellowship for Iberian Spanish Literature, and the internal Race, Ethnicity, and Indigeneity Fellowships
Leonard Bloomfield Book Award
"recognizes a volume that makes an outstanding contribution of enduring value to our understanding of language and linguistics"
deadline: May 1
"The Malevich Society awards grants to encourage research, writing, and other activities relating to the history and memory of Kazimir Malevich.…Proposed projects should increase the understanding of Malevich and his work, or augment historical, biographical, or artistic information about Malevich and/or his artistic legacy."
deadline: September 30
Aldo and Jeanne Scaglione Prize for Studies in Slavic Languages and Literatures
awarded biennially for an outstanding scholarly work on the linguistics or literatures of the Slavic languages.
deadline: May 1 (odd-numbered years)
MLA Prize for a First Book
deadline: April 1
James Russell Lowell Prize
deadline: March 1
Other MLA publication awards
Zora Kipel Prize
"designed to recognize outstanding new publications in the fields of Belarusian cultural studies, literature, linguistics, history, and social sciences"
deadline: October 1 (even-numbered years)

NCEEER welcomes applications to its 2019-2020 National Research Competition and Short-Term Travel Grant Competition. The competitions are open to US citizens who are PhD holders at the time of application. For more information, or to apply, please visit www.nceeer.org.
deadline: December 31

Aquila Polonica Prize
"The biennial Aquila Polonica Prize is given to the author of the best English-language article published during the previous two years on any aspect of Polish studies."
deadline: TBA (odd-numbered years)
Pushkin House Russian Book Prize
"The prize of £5,000 is awarded for a work of non-fiction about Russia or the Russian-speaking world, accessible to the general reader and first published in English."
deadline: January
Rachel Tanur Memorial Prize for Visual Sociology
"recognizes students in the social sciences who incorporate visual analysis in their work"
deadline: April 20 (even-numbered years)
"Every year the Society presents six awards to honor the most distinguished publications in architectural history (Hitchcock), urban history (Kostof), landscape history (MacDougall), preservation (Downing), and architectural exhibition catalogs (Johnson) that have been published in the previous two years. SAH also presents the Founders' Award for the best JSAH article written by an emerging scholar in the previous two years."
deadline: August (first Friday)
Biennial Book Award
deadline: June 1 (odd-numbered years)
Graduate Student Essay Prize
"The Society for Romanian Studies is pleased to announce the Tenth Annual Graduate Student Essay Prize competition for an outstanding unpublished essay or thesis chapter. The submitted single-author work must have been written in English by a graduate student in any social science or humanities discipline; and the work must be on a Romanian subject, broadly and inclusively understood."
Contact the chair of the committee, Jennifer Cash, at cashjennifer10@gmail.com for any quesitons.  
Send a copy of the essay, accompanying documents, and a CV to srsessay@gmail.com
deadline: May 21
Joseph Velikonja Undergraduate Paper Prize
deadline: September (final Friday)
Rado L. Lencek Graduate Paper Prize
deadline: September (final Friday)
The Times Stephen Spender Prize for poetry in translation
"Translate a poem from any language, classical or modern, into English"
Entrants must be British residents or citizens.
deadline: May 24
The Joseph Brodsky/Stephen Spender Prize for the translation of Russian poetry into English
deadline: December 5 (even-numbered years)
Peace Dissertation Prize
"honors an outstanding dissertation on the analysis of violent conflict, conflict resolution, peacemaking, or peacebuilding completed in a United States graduate program"
deadline: September 30