Universities for Ukraine Non-Residential Fellowship Program

Economists for Ukraine and Science for Ukraine have developed the Universities for Ukraine (U4U) Non-Residential Fellowship Program to assist academics in Ukraine.

Full Historiographical Legitimacy to Ukraine

In 1995 the late Mark von Hagen opened his thought-provoking essay “Does Ukraine Have a History?” with an observation that Ukrainian studies lack full historiographical legitimacy in major academic centers

Strangely Rosy: Reading Poetry in Wartime

I spent most of my life not reading poetry. Right now it’s the only language that makes sense to me.

The Implications of Our 2021 Theme: Diversity, Intersectionality, and Interdisciplinarity

“The point here is that diverse students (like our own past selves) will bring diverse interests to their educations, and those interests can usefully update and transform what we are doing.”

Teaching the 1648 Moscow Uprising in 2020

In the summer of 2020, I faced two challenges as I prepared to teach my course on Russian history to Peter the Great in the fall semester: first, the need to transform a course normally taught in a classroom into a virtual format during Covid-19, and second, the need to respond to growing protests about racial injustice during summer 2020. Now, my memory of teaching pre-Petrine Russia in fall 2020 will always be associated with the Covid-19 pandemic, the Black Lives Matter protests, and the storming of the US Capitol.

SRAS: 25 Years of Innovation

The impact of COVID on study abroad and on SRAS is far-reaching. There was the rush to bring students home and the need to transition quickly to online studies so that they could complete their semesters while attending classes across multiple time zones. Then we found ourselves unable to send students abroad for more than a year. However, I think we were not alone in deciding to use this “down time” to organize systems and plan for the next term and what seemed like perhaps a new era in study abroad.

US-Russian Relations, Nord Stream, Germany, and Ukraine

Much has been written about the recent Geneva summit between Presidents Biden and Putin. What does it tell us about how relations with Russia have shifted since the change of administration in Washington? How does looking at that relationship from the broader perspective of US-European-Ukrainian relations help us gain a more nuanced understanding of the situation and the challenges moving forward?

New Lease on Life for Physiological Collectivism? Reading Bogdanov in the Time of COVID

My entry into low theory juxtaposes convalescent plasma as a prophylaxis against COVID-19 with Aleksandr Bogdanov’s 1920s blood transfusion experiments.