Session Categories for Scheduling

When you are submitting a convention proposal, you must select one of the categories below. The categories are used for scheduling purposes only.  Your selection of a particular category has no bearing on whether or not a proposal is accepted. 

Below is a list of categories for 2023. Please select a category that best fits your proposal. For example, if your panel has two papers on 20th c. literature and one paper on 21st c. literature, you might wish to select "Literature: 20th Century" rather than "Literature: 21st Century." 

  • Anthropology, Cultural Studies
  • Arts I: Visual Culture, Material Culture, Applied and Fine Arts
  • Arts II: Music, Theater, Performance Studies
  • Cinema, Television, Electronic Media
  • Digital Humanities
  • Economic History, Economics, Business
  • Folklore Studies
  • Geography, Urban Studies, Built Environments
  • Gender/LGBTQ Studies
  • History: Early to 1800 
  • History: 1800-1900
  • History: 1900-1945
  • History: 1945-1990
  • History: Since 1990
  • International Relations, Security Studies, Foreign Policy
  • Jewish Studies
  • Library/Information Sciences
  • Linguistics, Language Pedagogy, Translation
  • Literature: Early through 18th Century
  • Literature: 19th Century
  • Literature: 20th Century
  • Literature: 21st Century
  • Politics, Law
  • Professional Development, Non-language Pedagogy, State-of-Field
  • Religion, Philosophy
  • Sociology, Public Health, Education